Pond Maintenance


Water in your landscape is a beautiful addition, when the water is clear and inviting.  Bird baths & large pond maintenance is sometimes required to keep the water crystal clear.

Ken's Cattails offers a wide variety of products to help keep your water clear. Ken tries new products quite often to assess if the product really does perform to what the label says.

Last year Ken tried out the PondBuilder line of products and was very happy with the results, so Ken added the complete line of products for 2016.

PondBuilder products are safe for all water life and easy to use.  Most of their products are a combination of bacteria and enzymes which naturally breaks down waste products in the water that causes algae blooms and muck.

Using the PondBuilder line of products from the start as soon as the ice melts to the final leaf drop you'll have more time enjoying your pond and less time working on the pond.

Ken's Cattails wants you to trade in the products you are presently using and give PondBuilder a try, CLICK/TOUCH HERE for a $2.00 trade in coupon!