Patio Furniture

Front Porches, Patios & Sun Rooms

Front Porches, Patios & Sun Rooms are places for relaxation and socializing.  They're a great addition to these areas are long lasting and colorful poly wood furniture.  We realize almost every store along the highway offers some type of poly furniture so why would we offer the same thing?  

Quite simply, we don't!
At Ken's Cattails we feature Breezesta. Their furniture removes hundreds and thousands of high density plastic bottles from our landfills and recycles them into sturdy poly lumber. The result is a maintenance free eco-friendly outdoor (though its nice enough to use it indoors) furniture that's built to last.
We invite you in to take a seat at Ken's Cattails, feel the quality and strength of the Breezesta chairs. Notice you won't see the screws on top of the slats as you do in other products.  The chairs we feature at Ken's Cattails use tenon and mortise joints for a better look and a stronger seat.

Also when Breezesta uses screws they are colored to match. Notice the surface on our furniture it is textured to conceal minor scratches versus the smooth finish of other brands.

Finally, check out the warranty its one of the best in the business.  Ken's Cattails has been offering this furniture for over 15 years on a special order basis but this year we are stocking bar sets, benches, deep seat sets and the ever popular Adirondack chair in many colors.

Due to the many choices available to you the furniture will be special orderd,lead time 2 to 3 weeks.

Mad Mats

Compliment the look of your furniture with the addition of a rug from Mariachi.  These mud mats are made for the outdoors and are the gold standard in terms of quality and appearance. 

Many color choices for you to chose from and they are reversible, very easy to clean and will compliment any patio or porch.
You have the patio furniture, the rugs but you are still missing tools for cooking those s'mores over that fire.

Check out Firebugzz cooking tools at Ken's Cattails. There's nothing as much fun as cooking your marshmallow on a "fishing Pole" stop in and check it out, Ken loves to show you how it works, stop in the store for a demo!