Fish for Your Pond


Feeding them, watching them grow, sharing stories with other pond owners fish are one of the best reasons to install a water feature.

Ken's Cattails has worked with the same fish farm in Pennsylvania for over 20 years and this cooperation has led to offering you healthy fish for your pond.

The fish are transported to us within hours of being caught and not days like other places.  Also, once the fish arrive we give the fish a salt bath before introducing them to you and your pond.
Fish tanks are all equipped with ultra-violet sterilizers, bio-filters, and mechanical filters. Water quality perimeters are checked twice weekly and our koi tank is also equipped with a degassing tower which will increase the chances that the fish you purchase will be a great addition to your pond.

Types of Fish Ken's Cattails Stocks

Our fish tanks are outside of our location, the earliest we start stocking fish is usually early April and May In June, Ken's Cattails receives weekly deliveries.

Goldfish are very tough and can survive in less than ideal water. Goldfish can be purchased in various lengths from 3" up to 10".
Comets are similar to goldfish but they sometimes have a metallic shine. Shubunkins are various colors with lots of stripping or patches of black,blue white and gold for a great looking fish. Here at Ken's Catails, we usually stock two sizes for your pond.

Koi fish come in quite a colors and sizes but remember they grow big, so have lots of room in your pond. Koi also are more "friendly" and can be taught to eat out your hand. They also live a long time. the oldest on record lived for over 200 years versus the goldfish which lives for around 12 years.
Ken's Cattails also stocks bullfrog tadpoles and pond snails to help in your ponds eco system.

If you own a larger pond and your're looking to game fish, Ken's Cattails can special order a collection of pond life for your larger pond so stop in today to discuss!

Introducing your fish to your pond should be as stress free for you as well as the fish.  Here's a quick overview (for more information ask us when purchasing you livestock).

Ken's Cattails will bag your fish and the bag will have more air in than water which alleviates any concern revolving around safe transport the fish.

The fish should ride home fine if the ride is less than a hour and its not placed in a sunny window.  If the ride will be longer, bring along a cooler and several cups of ice or a ice pack. We have had customers take our fish back to New Jersey and Maryland without a problem but our recommendation is still less than hour.

When you get home do not float the bag in the pond for any length of time as this will increase the temp of water in the bag especially on a sunny day.  Remember, our fish tanks are outdoors so the water temp should be pretty close.

Open the bag and remove 1/2 of my water (water your flowers with it) and replace that 1/2 with water from your pond for about 10 minutes.  Next, remove only the fish and place in your pond, take the bag of remaining water and water your flowers again.

The new fish will be weary of their new home for several days so don't worry, the more they get used to it the more you will see them.

Feed lightly only what they eat in 5 minutes and maximum of twice a day.

*Keep a eye out for jumping koi.
When you introduce koi to a small body of water they will sometimes jump out, this action will be less of a occurrence after several days.  As a rule, the more you pay for a koi the better the chances the koi will decide to launch himself into your pansies