About Us

"These fountains get heavier every year,they must be using larger stones in the concrete."

My wife, Judy and I own and operate Ken's Cattails in Bloomsburg, PA.

We would like to help you become a success in your backyard.
Whether you are  growing vegetables for the first time, adding a water feature or setting up a hummingbird feeder, we will assist you with the proper information and products.
Ken's Cattails offers plants that grow in the soil or grown in pots, plants that thrive on the patio or even in water...we even stock fish for your backyard ponds.
At Ken's Cattails you'll always receive honest advice that will make your project a successful one.  We specialize in having the right product to finish the job at a great price.

The greatest joy Judy and I receive is when a customer comes in and let's us know something they bought here, a plant perhaps, grew for the first time was a success.

Whether you stop in to get some advice or to just feed the fish, make sure we meet so Judy and I may personally welcome you to the shoppe and just say "Hello, welcome to Ken's Cattails"!